Well... it's all over... for now, at least. I went to my four shows.

I'll write more about it all later. In the meantime, I've posted some pictures here. It's hosted on my home server, so it might be kind of slow, but I posted the best shots I had. Enjoy.



Whatup y'all?

I'm still kicking around Vancouver, waiting for the show, which isn't for another five hours or so. Ugh. The guy at the hotel warned me that it's pretty much a given that someone's going to break in to my car. So I got that goin' for me. Good times.

I found someone who wants my extra ticket for tonight and deserves to get it for face value, so that he will get. I didn't need that extra $300 anyway.

I'm doing all I can to resist wandering in to a tattoo shop and getting a flying P tattoo or something else. But damn. I sure do have a lot of time to kill, and I've walked all over this part of town at this point. My feet hurt!

See ya at the Commodore!

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Holy. Shit.

Well, tonight was more like it. They ROCKED SO DAMN HARD. Still no second encore, but they slipped an extra song into the set. And they played a really long version of Gigantic, and that kicked much ass. I was right up front against the barrier, directly in front of Kim, getting maximum rockage.

There were a few times, last night and tonight, that I just had to close my eyes. Watching them play and listening was too much... and my mind just thrashed about trying to keep up. During some songs, I just close my eyes and listen. All at once, the sounds become more crisp and beautiful. I can hear Joey's guitar more clearly. I can hear the vocals. I can feel my heart beat with the song. Each time I open my eyes, it's a new surprise. "Oh my god! The Pixies are on the stage!!"

I'm a nerd.

I really like my new Pixies friends that I met before last night's show.

Got something against you

Wow. So last night was the first show for me.... in Victoria. It was pretty amazing seeing them all up there on stage together again. They wailed, of course... hard. I was completely rocked.

I managed to stay one person away from the barrier the whole night, right in front of Black Francis. I had a perfect view of everything. I screamed along to all of the songs. I jumped up and down. I dodged flying idiots as they crashed to my head. I loved every fucking second.

There were little annoyances. I could tell the band was a bit pissy... probably at the crowd for all the moshing. BF seemed a bit bugged by Kim Deal's forgetting words and messing up songs. I didn't care. That's what Kim does. In the end, they played the encore with all the house lights on and they did not do a second. Oh well...

I got one of Joey's guitar picks, so that's pretty fly. I tried hard to get a set list, but with no luck. Maybe tonight.

I met a few really cool people from the Frank Black boards. Hopefully we'll all stay in touch and hang out again soon.

I'm in Vancouver now... leaving in a few minutes to get some food, and then I'm off to the show. Yeah!!

T-minus four hours!

I'm sitting in front of a pretty little coffee house, on a pretty day, in a pretty little town. It's four hours until the first of four Pixies shows I'm going to this week. Life is good.

The drive up was uneventful. The ferry was fun, as always. I drove over a curb at the motel, but that's to be expected, really. Paul's Motor Inn is one groovy ass place. Highly recommended by Steve's Travel.

dave_noisy, give me a call on my cell - 206.853.8177 - if you'd like to meet up before the show. I got nothin' but time...

Bowing to pressure from the Man

Dammit. I hate being a grownup.

So, I realized that Eugene was eating up half the vacation time, with driving and with the time between Spokane and Eugene. So... I'm skipping it. This'll get me back at work Monday instead of Thursday, which is probably a good thing.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. I'm not supposed to be doing responsible things. This is FUCKING ROCK AND ROLL! Crap.

Anyway, depending on what my friend in Portland wants to do, I might have FOUR Eugene tickets hitting the block soon.

Almost amusing.

So... my boss quit on Monday and was walked out. I have a new boss now who's one of the directors. I sent him this mail this morning:

> hey [new boss]...
> i'm sure [old boss] didn't inform you, but i'm on vacation starting
> next wednesday (4/21) through the following wednesday (4/28),
> returning 4/29.
> i'll be at various places throughout western canada and the
> northwest over the course of the trip, and i'll check in via
> mail and phone as much as possible. i'll have my laptop with
> wireless card, and i'm working on getting some software that
> will let me use my treo as a modem.
> in my absence, [knowledgeable lead] will be in charge of seattle qa.

I got this response:

Hi Steve,

Spoke to [VP and new boss's boss] about this issue and I am sorry but all vacation for managers is frozen in dev and QA until the end of the [big ass customer] trial (~5/15) so you'll have to reschedule. If there are some costs of doing this then please let me know. We can discuss this in person tomorrow if you like.


[new boss]

So, it's gut check time. I sent the boss and the boss's boss a very polite email saying that I can't reschedule, and that I'm going no matter what. Wish me luck!

Set List

The set list from the first show!
(Stolen from

Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
Levitate Me
Broken Face
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Holiday Song
Nimrod's Son
La La Love You
Ed Is dead
Here Comes Your Man
Number 13 Baby
Gouge Away


Isla De Encanta
In Heaven->Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Where Is My Mind?
Into The White

It's for real

Holy shit. The Pixies played a concert tonight. I'm far away from where it happened, but I'm still psyched as all hell.

Details from and friends are still sketchy. I know they played Bone Machine for the first song. I know they played "Here Comes Your Man". I know they played "Debaser". That right there is enough to make me fall down.

The show is over now, and people who attended it should be logging in to IRC any minute now to tell the story of the most amazing rock and roll moment in over a decade.

If they played "Dig For Fire", I will pee my pants.

That is all.