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Got something against you - Life to the Pixies

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April 22nd, 2004

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06:47 pm - Got something against you
Wow. So last night was the first show for me.... in Victoria. It was pretty amazing seeing them all up there on stage together again. They wailed, of course... hard. I was completely rocked.

I managed to stay one person away from the barrier the whole night, right in front of Black Francis. I had a perfect view of everything. I screamed along to all of the songs. I jumped up and down. I dodged flying idiots as they crashed to my head. I loved every fucking second.

There were little annoyances. I could tell the band was a bit pissy... probably at the crowd for all the moshing. BF seemed a bit bugged by Kim Deal's forgetting words and messing up songs. I didn't care. That's what Kim does. In the end, they played the encore with all the house lights on and they did not do a second. Oh well...

I got one of Joey's guitar picks, so that's pretty fly. I tried hard to get a set list, but with no luck. Maybe tonight.

I met a few really cool people from the Frank Black boards. Hopefully we'll all stay in touch and hang out again soon.

I'm in Vancouver now... leaving in a few minutes to get some food, and then I'm off to the show. Yeah!!

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