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April 14th, 2004

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06:29 pm - Almost amusing.
So... my boss quit on Monday and was walked out. I have a new boss now who's one of the directors. I sent him this mail this morning:

> hey [new boss]...
> i'm sure [old boss] didn't inform you, but i'm on vacation starting
> next wednesday (4/21) through the following wednesday (4/28),
> returning 4/29.
> i'll be at various places throughout western canada and the
> northwest over the course of the trip, and i'll check in via
> mail and phone as much as possible. i'll have my laptop with
> wireless card, and i'm working on getting some software that
> will let me use my treo as a modem.
> in my absence, [knowledgeable lead] will be in charge of seattle qa.

I got this response:

Hi Steve,

Spoke to [VP and new boss's boss] about this issue and I am sorry but all vacation for managers is frozen in dev and QA until the end of the [big ass customer] trial (~5/15) so you'll have to reschedule. If there are some costs of doing this then please let me know. We can discuss this in person tomorrow if you like.


[new boss]

So, it's gut check time. I sent the boss and the boss's boss a very polite email saying that I can't reschedule, and that I'm going no matter what. Wish me luck!

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Date:April 14th, 2004 11:53 pm (UTC)
The cost?

One MILLION dollars!

Take it to 'em tiger!

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